New Life International Health & Weight Management System:

Health and Weight Management

“New Life” Health & Weight Management System was purposed to enhance the quality of with a focus on health and weight management to ensure that all who make the decision to improve their health through the reduction and management of their weight experience the restoration of great health; and if you participate in this personal development system “You Will Lose Weight, You Will Lose Inches,” and what you will gain is the restoration of great health.

This system was created and developed by Pastor David Pope the Chairman and President of the New Life International Community Development Corporation, and during the process of the development Pastor Pope experienced the reduction of seventy-three pounds of excess weight and experienced the restoration of great health; "I Did It, and You Can Too". This system is purposed to breathe “New Life” into our communities by eliminating debilitation through the improvement of health and wellness and will enhance the quality of life for the individuals, and families in the communities in which we serve.

The following are some of the specific aspects of this program:

 Health and Weight Assessment
 Assessment of Physical Health
 Assessment of Weight

 Health and Weight Management
 Eliminates Debilitation
 Eliminates Chronic Back Pain
 Eliminates Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
 Eliminates High Blood Pressure
 Eliminates High Cholesterol
 Eliminates Risk of Diabetes
 Eliminates High Blood Pressure
 Eliminates Sleep Apnea
 Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
 Reduces Risk of Stroke

Being over weight means that you have an increased risk for health problems such as the following:

 Asthma
 Anemia
 Cancer
 Colitis
 Chronic Bronchitis
 Depression
 Diabetes
 Heart Disease
 High Blood Pressure
 High Cholesterol Count
 Sleep Apnea
 Stomach Ulcers
 Thyroid Problems

We have developed a holistic approach to “New Life” through health and weight management; “This Is Not A Diet,” this is a change of lifestyle management.

Benefits and Results

 Enhance Quality of Life
 Improve Self Esteem
 Restoration of Health
 Inspiration to Achieve Success
 Achieves Health & Wellness Management
 Achieves Weight Loss and Loss of Inches
 Achieves Weight Management

This system shall help you achieve the following with:

 No Diet Pills
 No Fad Diets
 No Pre-Packaged Meals to Purchase
 No Scheduled Visits to A Weight Loss Center

If you have questions with regard to this system send a e-mail communication to:


(This does not suggest to anyone who enrolls in this system to discontinue their current medication; await the decision of your physician as your health approves).

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